30.01.2014 00:00

New PERCH Release 2014.1

Category: Versions

A new PERCH version is scheduled for release.

January 30, 2014

Significant New Features:

  • NMR shift and coupling assignments now also for 19F in semi- and full automation
  • Ability to add couplings via GUI to manually aid analysis
  • Improved reporting feature allowing more user control over PDF-output
  • Tools for training prediction models for chemical shifts and J-couplings with user data
  • Support for PERCH analysis as an integrated part of an automated laboratory work flow

Significant Improvements:

  • New prediction models for chemical shifts especially improved 13C prediction
  • New J-coupling prediction model with improved hetero-couplings for 1H and 13C
  • Improved detection of multiplets, especially in 13C spectra
  • Improved support for running concurrent instances from one single installation