24.12.2014 New PERCH related article in Fitoterapia

A galloylated dimeric proanthocyanidin from grape seed exhibits dentin biomodification potential[more]

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23.12.2014 New PERCH related article in Journal of Biological Chemistry

Non-Statistical 13C Distribution during Carbon Transfer from Glucose to Ethanol During Fermentation is Determined by the Catabolic Pathway Exploited [more]

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15.12.2014 New PERCH related article in eMagRes

Automated Interpretation of NMR Spectra for Small Organic Molecules in Solution[more]

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01.12.2014 New PERCH related article in J Nat Prod

K-Targeted Metabolomic Analysis Extends Chemical Subtraction to DESIGNER Extracts: Selective Depletion of Extracts of Hops (Humulus lupulus)[more]

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